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The Master's degree

is a program of a second university-level education. It is for mature learners who pursue a second major.
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Presidential Program

Presidential Program of training business leadership in Management for the Russian Federation public economy organizations
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The MBA program

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Baikal International Business School, Irkutsk State University
Russian Federation
Presidential Program of Managerial Training for Public Economy Organizations in Management

The program is implemented in compliance with the President's edict endorsed by the Russian Federation Government on March 23, 2007 # 177 "On Managerial Training for Public Economy Organizations in 2007/08 through 2012/2015."
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The format of the program is project-oriented, Format A (Advanced)

The project-based program is implemented in terms of knowledge economy that stimulates germane competences and involves independent analytical and organizational activities; a wide use of IT; effective communication and interaction based on knowledge management.

Anticipated result: preparation and implementation of a relevant project to benefit one's company and to develop in the students

  1. Competences for a comprehensive analysis of ongoing changes in the social and economic environment
  2. Skills for organization and running project-based activities
  3. Competences for effective search, processing and analysis of obtained information for successful development of business strategies and implementation of projects at hand
  4. Skills required for modern management based on information resources and IT

Benefits of the program for enterprises and organizations

  • Addressing the real issues of one's business. With this end in mind, a student picks out a project topic to work on throughout the entire course.
  • Working towards the switchover to new forms and principles of management.
  • Making a difference in a company's corporate culture and management.
  • Resolving problems of training and internships of employees (restructuring, reprofiling, attracting investments, etc.)
  • Networking with international companies and development of economic ties with existing partners
  • Inclusion in specialized federal information database

For Specialists

  • Specialized training course and professional knowledge of project management
  • Internship with an international firm or a Russian enterprise
  • Specialized federal information database of qualified specialists
  • Active membership in the presidential program student association
  • English or German language proficiency
  • Credentials of Irkutsk State University upon successful completion of the course
  • Business and friendship networking with Russian and international counterparts

The "Project Management in Knowledge Economy" program has been show-cased and recognized by the experts as a model for re-training managers in the project-oriented educational format.

Instruction Format

  1. Instruction is provided at the Baikal International Business School of Irkutsk State University for 8 months by using a modular system of education and elements of in-class schooling. All students in the program must take advanced business English or German (a study group should number at least five students).
  2. Internships abroad or with leading Russian enterprises. Timing for overseas internships is negotiable. All trainees must first be interviewed. The Irkutsk region's quota is 88 interns (program formats A, B, Q)/ .

Unique Features

  • Lectures, seminars and tutorials are conducted by the best professors and business leaders
  • Lectures, seminars and tutorials are conducted by the best professors and business leaders
  • A few courses are accredited by the U.S. Higher Education Commission and approved by the World Bank.
  • Management specialist credentials of Irkutsk State University
  • Hands-on training abroad (2 to 6 months long) or at Russian leading companies.

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