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Baikal International Business School University of Irkutsk (BIBS ISU) was approved by the USSR State Committee on Education as Baikal Educational Center (edict #700 of November 20, 1990). In January 2000, the Center was renamed "Irkutsk State University of Business and International Management" (ISU BIBIM), and in April 2008, the Institute received its business school status.
"The BIBS Mission: "To spearhead the process of accumulating and on-going upgrading knowledge in the area of business and management in Eastern Siberia; to develop and contribute to business culture and competitive market relationships in the region; to foster and maintain corporate culture in an ever-changing environment.

The strategic priorities of BIBS are:

  • Aggressive integration in the international business environment;
  • Reaching out actual businesses;
  • Implementation of advanced IT in management and education;
  • Fostering a new generation of Russian educators
  • Development of an educational consortium with leading Russian and international universities and business schools;
  • Consulting services.

Strategic partners of BIBS ISU

University of Maryland University College (USA) Joint educational project of Irkutsk State University (ISU) and the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) - BS and MS management programs since 1991
University of Southern Queensland (Australia) Joint educational project of Irkutsk State University and the University of Southern Queensland - bachelor's degree programme in management since 2004
Russian Association of Business Education (RABE) Nongovernmental non-profit association of business education organizations of Russia.
BIBS membership since 1990.
Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN) BIBS membership since 2009
  • Joint projects for the youth. Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Collaboration
  • Participation of BIBS ISU faculty in CEEMAN's programs - summer school, conferences, seminars, summits
Northumbria University (Great Britain) Joint projects - "Internet Technologies in Education" and "Knowledge Management"
Vienna Technology University (Austria) Joint projects - "Internet Technologies in Education," "Mathematical and Information Modelling for the Analysis of Siberian Economy and Ecology Problems".
Higher School of Economics (Moscow)

Joint business education projects
Higher School of International Business of Russian Federation Government Academy of Public Economy (Moscow)
State University of Management (Moscow)
Baikal Bank - SB RF (Savings Bank, Russian Federation) Joint business education projects
Eduniversal International business school association
Altai State University (Russia) 28 November 2013. Collaborative network interaction & cooperation agreement on post-baccalaureate education programs
Northcentral University (USA) 31 January 2014. Memorandum of Understanding on a joint online PhD program
James Cook University (Singapore) Agreeement on Cooperation of May 24, 2014
Semester-long instruction of SASM students in James Cook University.
MS dual degree program (ISU and James Cook University). Area of concentration: Business Management (on-site instruction in Singapore for two semesters

BIBS ISU incorporates:

  1. Siberian-American School
  2. School of Business and Management
  3. Department of English
  4. Department of IT in Management
  5. Department of Finance Management
  6. Department of Management
  7. English Language School
  8. Library
  1. IT Laboratory
  2. Center of Information and Technological Solutions
  3. Center of Personnel Development
  4. Center of Internet-based Education
  5. Accounts Department
  6. Maintenance Department
  7. Reprography Center

The Institution focuses on the development and implementation of innovative international business and management-related projects. A special feature is that some educational programs are implemented in collaboration with Russian and international partners, and the students receive the degrees from the university partners. BIBS ISU sees its mission in helping the local business community be on the cutting edge in terms of the latest trends in international business and management.

The Siberian-American School of Management offers both undergraduate and graduate-level education. The SASM programs provide the BS/ MS degrees at the University of Irkutsk (Russia), the University of Southern Queensland (Australia), the University of Maryland University College (USA). Location: Irkutsk (Russia). The highlight of the joint program is making the best of e Russian, American, and Australian systems of education.

The School of Business and Management (SFM). It is a post-university education for adult students who have completed bachelor's degree programs and are engaged in business: extra-mural and distance education (a second degree), MBA program, presidential program of personnel training, corporate programs.

BIBS has developed its own innovative projects:

  • Unique techniques for mastering EFL; the licensed TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS center is authorized to issue relevant international certificates to Russian learners of English.
  • ver the past years the school has benefited from Russian and international experience and gained its own experience in using of IT in education. All the programs make an extensive use of individualized distance education via the Internet. This became possible due to the HECADEM-based distance learning instruction patented by our business school (a certificate of compliance of December 27, 2006. ROSS RU.04IK.P00009). Over the past ten years the system has proved effective and has been recognized internationally: in the Ukraine, Great Britain, Jordan, Italy. By now, its fourth version has been developed and implemented.

Russian and International Recognition

  • Since 2008, BIBS ISU and 19 Russian business schools has been ranked by the UN expert group as one of the top 1000 business schools of the world. The EDUNIVERSAL, International Scientific Committee, granted the school "Two Laurels", a status that indicates the academic institution's worldwide reputation and its strong network of partners and deans of business schools at an international level.
  • In 2009 and 2010, BIBS ISU was involved in a number of inter-country and federal programs of regional development for show-casing international business education: - Collaboration program between Eastern Russia (Siberia and the Far East and North-East of Chinese People's Republic (2009-2018)
    -Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Russian Far East and Baikal Region (through 2225)
    - Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Siberia (through 2220)
  • BIBS ISU is a member of The Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN), Russian Association of Business Association and is accredited by the Chamber of Commerce.


  • International Prize "The Best CIS company with Perfect Reputation," Diploma of Honor and medal "For Meritorious Contribution to Russia's Competiveness", national award "For Contribution to Competitiveness of Russia,"
  • CEEMAN's contest winner "The Best Innovative Business School" diploma (1000 university contestants)

License and Accreditation
BIBS as a university division has been authorized to act as a legal entity. BIBS has a BS and a continuing education program authorizing it to provide State-honored credentials. For reference, see:

  • License # 1385 issued by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency on 8 June 2011
  • Official Accreditation Certificate #1291 of 23 December (valid until December 22, 2017).
  • Certificate II-3 #095 of September 15, 2004 of the Russian Federation Committee on Management Training.

BIBS Professional Associations and Partners are as follows:

  • The University of Maryland University College (USA)
  • The University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
  • The World Bank Institute (Russia, USA)
  • The government-sponsored Graduate School of International Business, Academy of National Economy (Moscow)
  • The State University of Management (Moscow)
  • The Higher School of Economics (Moscow)
  • Rotary International

BIBS was accredited by the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce (Certificate #03 of July 10, 2002).

BIBS is a member of the following association:

  • The Russian Business Education Association (since 1990)
  • The Educational and Methodological Association of Universities of Russia in Management (since 1990)
  • The Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (since 1993)
  • The International Association for Post-Graduate Training (since 1999)
  • The International Association of Open Education (since 2003)
  • The Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN, since 2009)

Business School Schools Contacts

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