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Practice Test 1

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  • ark the correct answer: , , or D.
1. I was crossing the street when a car.........
  A crashed has crashed was crashing D has been crashing

If I (1)........you, I(2) ......... back to my boss.

  A (1) am
(2) won't talk
(1) would be
(2) wouldn't talk
(1) had been
(2) wouldn't talk
D (1) were
(2) wouldn't talk

John usually........five days a week from 9 till 5.

  A has worked works is working D has been working

.........she was tired, she went to work.

  A Due to Despite Although D Because

The programme consists........three components.

  A with of from D in

If I (1)........ a million pounds, I (2)........ travelling round the world. But I've got only a small balance in the bank.

  A (1) have
(2) will go
(1) have
(2) would have gone
(l) had
(2) would go
D (1) had had
(2) would go

By the year 2010, many things we now consider to be........will not be around any more.

  A careful necessary compact D generous

As it was the last day of the term, the teacher let his pupils........ home early.

  A to go went go D gone

The air was.........We were able to see a boat far away.

  A clear transparent light D bright

When John returned to his hotel, his room........

  A was still being cleaned had already cleaned was still cleaned D had been cleaned yet

Why are you........me that way? Have I done something wrong?

  A considering seeing looking at D noticing

- Do you know this man?
- Yes, I........him for years.

  A has known knew know D have known

- ........ I borrow your pen, please?
- Yes, of course. Here you are.

  A would shall could D should

Peter swims........a fish.

  A as like as like D alike

When I begin speaking, she does not let me........a sentence.

  A end finish stop D break

There........a lot of interesting books on sale a week ago.

  A were has been was D have been

I am glad we went to that restaurant. The food was excellent and quite .............

  A similar cheap unlike D dear

It is rather difficult to study at this library. The people around me always........a lot of noise.

  A do perform make D cause

I advised him........a doctor.

  A to see to have seen seeing D see

When in doubt......... the truth.

  A ask respond talk D tell

Peter is ........boy in the ciass.

  A cleverer the more clever cleverest D the cleverest

Peter said that he ............ for the firm for more than ten years and was going to look for a job with another company.

  A worked had worked was working D would work

If you (1)........ him, he (2)........you.

  A (l) ask
(2) will help
(1) will ask
(2) shall help
(1) have asked
(2) helps
D (I) ask
(2) help

- Have you got any problems?
- Yes. The people in the pub........getting very impatient.

  A is were has been D are

We haven't got........bread left.

  A some many a great number of D much

John arrived while I........a bath.

  A was having had had had D had been having

- Must I do it now?
- No, you........ .You can do it next week.

  A may not mustn't needn't D can't

Peter was the first to finish............the passage.

  A reading to read read
D the reading

I'm not........in the proposal.

  A interesting interested
interest D interests

Didn't you ............... the guitar?

  A use to play use playing used to playing D use to playing

I........her at 10 o'clock, but she didn't come.

  A waited cancelled expected D corresponded

He met her quite often .................. both of them were at university.

  A until before when D during

Peter (1)........English for five years, and at last he (2)........ the tenses.

  A (1) have learnt
(2) has mastered
(1) has been learning
(2) has mastered
(l) is learning
(2) has mastered
D (1) has been learning
(2) has been mastering

Unfortunately, I don't know the man. If I (1)........ him, I (2) .......... him about now.

  A (1) know
(2) will ask
(1) knew
(2) would ask
(1) knew
(2) would have asked
D (1) had known
(2) would ask

- I haven't got any paper left.
- ....................

  A I also haven't
Neither have I Nor I have D I've got none too

Come in, Peter. Would you like..........tea?

  A any little more D some

The shoes need........ .

  A polishing be polished being polished D to polish

What........the latest news?

  A are have been is D were

Would you stop........., please?

  A to talk talk talking D to be talking

John's parents........him to apply to Lancaster University.

  A advised insisted made D suggested
  • Put the letters in the right order. Use capital letters.

         41. John asked Peter when ..........
               A. would           B. for the job             C. be             D. he                E. interviewed


         42. Where   ...............?
               A. your               B. all this time            C. have        D. been             E. friends


  • ark the correct answer: , , or D.

Pauline Ortiz is a senior officer for a banking union, and a graduate -life was not always so good. She left school at 17 and by 31 she was divorced with two children and no job. Then she heard about Ruskin.
Founded in 1899 Ruskin was the first residential college for working people and for those who had little or no educational opportunity when young.
Every autumn since then, men and women have arrived at the college from a variety of communities and backgrounds, ethnic, industrial, and trade union, to study full-time for the first time in their adult lives.
They will leave with a degree and go on to further study, on return home to make their careers. Few have any recognised educational qualifications when they arrive.
All have a common interest in a society and a desire to improve it. Entry to Ruskin is bv interview and is only for students who are 20 and over.
The college is residential and full state grants are available.
If you are motivated to improve society this is your opportunity to gain the education you always wanted - but missed.
Think of where it could get you.
Send for a prospectus now or ring 01865 310713.

The Guardian June 1999


43. Ruskin College is an institution for .........
  A military education distance education full-time higher education D post-graduate studies

To apply for a course you .............

  A must be a teenager must be not younger than twenty may be a person of any age D must be in your early twenties

The number of people studying at Ruskin ...........

  A is unlimited is more than 30 is not stated in the text D depends on communities' demands

Ruskin college is for .............

  A people without degrees divorced people bankers D local residents

People come to the college to ..........

  A get a state grant learn more about Ruskin join a trade union D get a degree

  • ark the correct answer: , , or D.

ELLIOT'S Restaurant

64 Market Street, Lancaster
Tel: 01524 36092

For the very best food in a warm family-run atmosphere.
The largest choice in the city centre.

Soup of the Day Fish Vegetarian Refreshments

Tuesday - Sunday Lunch 11.30 am to 2.30 pm

Dinner 7 to 10 pm


Located in an elegant Georgian street away from the noise of the city centre

20 Lower Church Street
Telephone: 01524 32339
Established 1931
Lancaster's Traditional Fish & Chips

Speciality Seafood, Salads, Jacket
Potatoes, Steaks

Smoking and Non-Smoking Dining Rooms

Monday - Sunday Breakfast & Lmich 8 am- 2 pm

Inexpensive Fresh Food

59 Market Street, Lancaster
Telephone: 01-524 844707

Non-smoking, licensed. Food to any taste.
Enjoy a freshly prepared meal in pleasant surroundings - children welcome.

Monday-Thursday 11.30am-3pm. 5pm-9.30pm
Friday 1 L30am-3pm. 5pm-10pm.
Saturday 9.30am- 10pm


66 Penny Street, Lancaster
Telephone: 01524 843764

"Something Different"

Speciality Cappuccino Coffee & Teas Homemade Cakes & Biscuits Pastries

Situated in a traffic-free area, tables are available outdoors during summer months creating 'Continental' atmosphere in the heart of Lancaster

Open through the year Monday - Sunday 11am -4 pm


48. How many restaurants and cafes are situated in one street?
  A none two three D four

Where can you eat fish?

  A nowhere in Joseph's Restaurant and Lancastrian Tea Room in Tom Woodhouse, Elliot's Restaurant and Joseph's Restaurant D everywhere

Where can you eat meat?

  A in any of the restaurants
nowhere in Elliot's Restaurant and Lancastrian Tea Room D  in Joseph's Restaurant and Tom Woodhouse

Which restaurant is situated away from the centre?

  A Lancastrian Tea Room Joseph's Restaurant Elliot's Restaurant D Tom Woodhouse

Which of the restaurants is closed on Sunday?

  A Tom Woodhouse Joseph's Restaurant Joseph's Restaurant and Elliot's Restaurant D none