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Test 3

Top score: 100

Read the following conversations carefully. ONE word is missing in each conversation. Write the missing word against each number.

1. A: "Where you going?"
    : "I am going home."

2. A:" is the station?"
    B: "In Baker Street."

3. A: " are you from?"
    B: "From Spain. I'm Spanish."

4. A:" you like to travel round Europe?"
    B: "Yes, I would."

5. A: "Have you been crying?"
    B: "No, I ."

6. A: " he work in a bank?"
    B: "No, he works in a library."

7. A:" you ever had a car accident?"
    B: "Yes I have."

8. A: " you swim?"
    B: "Of course, can't everybody?"

9. A: "Does he live in Wimbledon?"
    : "I don't know he lives."

10. A: "You were not at home yesterday."
      B: "That's right, I staying with my friends yesterday."

11. A:" does he go to work?"
      B: "By bus."

12. A: "Have you got my book? I gave it to you six weeks ."
      B: "I'll bring it on Thursday."

13. A: "How are you going to stay in America?"
      B: "For a month."

14. A: "How long you been in England?"
      B: "Since last year."

15. A: "Do you like my new car?"
      B: "Yes, I like it very .

16. A: "Does water boil at 110 C?"
      B: "No, it . It boils at 100 C."

17. A: "The princess is attractive."
      B: "Yes - she is beautiful than her sister."

18. A: "Is Sylvia a good student?"
      B: "Yes, Sylvia's good, and Susan is also good. In fact Susan is than Sylvia."

19. A: "Have you eaten Sushi?"
      B: "No, never. What's Sushi?"

20. A: "What does she look ?"
      B: "She has thick, curly hair and brown eyes."

21. A: "Have you been to Sweden?"
      B: "Yes -1 lived there two years!"

22. A: "Had the play already started when you arrived?"
      B: "No, it ."

23. A: "How are oranges?"
      B: "90 pence a kilo."

24. A: "Have you enjoyed yourself?"
      B: "Yes, it been a lovely day."

25. A: "Is a table in your room?"
      B: "Yes. It's near the bed."

26. :" you like to see a film this evening?"
      : "Perhaps. What's on?"

27. A: "My son like school."
      B: "Neither does mine."

28. A: "Can you run fast?"
      B: "Not now. But I when I was young."

29. A: "What you do if you had a million pounds?"
      B: "I'd stop working."

30. A: "Do you play tennis?"
      B: "Yes, I've playing since I was a boy."

31. A: "Why can't she walk?"
      B: "She broken her leg."

32. A: "Your father looks tired."
B: "Yes, he has working hard lately."

33. A: "I went to Singapore in April."
      B: " you often go abroad?"

      A: "Yes - about ten times a year.

34. A: "Where Toyota cars made?"
      B: "In Japan."

35. A: "I'm sorry, I forget - can you me why you didn't go?"
      : "I was ill."

36. A: "I like skiing."
      B: "Oh yes! do I!"

37. A: "Do you like this necklace?"
      B: "Yes, but it's expensive for me to buy."

38. A: "I weigh a hundred and forty pounds."
      B: "No... no. me the truth!"

39. A: "Where is your office?"
      B: "It's the seventh floor."

40. A: "Is it true that you come from a very poor family?"
      B: "Yes. Life very easy for us when I was young."

41. A: "When it happen?"
      B: "In 1879."

42. A: "In some countries there's a law that says you always carry
      your identity card, wherever you go."

43. A: "What are the hotels in Rome ?
      B: "Elegant and comfortable!"

44. A: "The man in England will be 107 tomorrow."
      B: "No-one will be older than that!"

45. A: "So you want to be a journalist. Can you tell me which
           newspaper you would like to work ?"
      B: "Er... for the Independent, I think."

46. A: "I've got three brothers."
      B: " have I!"

47. A: "My suitcase is heavy. Will you help me?"
      B: "Yes, carry it for you."

48. A: "There's nothing on this video-tape."
      B: "You didn't switch the video-recorder !"

49. A: "Where President Kennedy shot?"
      B: "Dallas."

50. A: "Did you hear the weather forecast?"
      B: "Yes. They say it definitely rain later."

51. A: "My book is than yours."
      B: "No it isn't, it's more expensive."

52. A: "What time your husband go work today?"
      B: "Today? ...He left at half past seven."

53. A: "I'll be ready in a minute."
      B: "That's OK - your time."

54. A: "Isn't he big! When is he to go to school?"
      B: "Next year."

55. A: "If I were you, I go to see him."
      B: "OK -I will."

56. A: "Do you if I smoke?"
      B: "Not at all. Go ahead."

57. A: " the milkman brought the milk?"
      B: "Yes, it's in the fridge."

58. A: "That's the club where I usually go."
      : "I didn't know you liked to dance."

59. A: "There hasn't been rain for weeks."
      B: "Really? None at all?"

60. A: "I get headaches when I read."
      B: "It's probably your eyes. I think you see an optician."

61. A: "What will Anne be ?"
      B: "A white blouse and a blue skirt. Yes, look -there she is!"

62. A: "Why didn't you tell me?"
      : "I would have told you if I known."

63. A: "Would you helping me with this?"
      B: "Of course not - it will be a pleasure!"

64. A: "How do you feel now?"
      B: "Much better, thanks, if I been a bit quicker,
           the bus would have missed me."

65. A: That's a strange machine - what is it ?
      B: It cuts holes in roads.

66. A: "It's raining. Don't we need to put the garden party?"
      B: "No, you shouldn't cancel it."

67. A: "Do you think we should wait?"
      B: "No, there is no point in for him."

68. A: "As soon as he woke up, he up and had a shower."

69. A: "When I was young, I to be shy."
      B: "You certainly aren't now!"

70. A: "That radio is very loud! Could you turn it a bit?"
      B: "Of course. Is that better?"

71. A: "The train already left by the time we got to the station."

72. A: "How's Ron these days?"
      B: "He's in Japan, and is Sue."

73. A: "Are you coming to Southampton with us?"
      : "I wish I the time to come with you."

74. A: "He have gone away - nobody has seen him for weeks."
      B: "Yes, I agree. I'm sure he's gone away."

75. A: "Is the party still going to be on Saturday?"
      B: "No - they've it off till Sunday."

76. A: "Is Rosemary tall or short?"
      B: "She's tall nor short - she's just medium."

77. A: "Have you got for £5 ?"
      B: "Sorry. I've only got a ten pound note."

78. A: "If known you were coming, I'd have cooked something."

79. A: "Can I give you a with the cooking?"
      B: "That's very kind. Could you wash the vegetables?"

80. A: "Where's your dishwasher?"
      B: "It's repaired."

81. A: "Try some of this!"
      B: "I'd not, if you don't mind."

82. A: "What have you done to your hair?"
      B: "I've it cut, that's all."

83. A: "Do you want tea?"
      B: "Not really - I'd have coffee."

84. A: "What's a 'stein'?"
      B: "It's a kind of mug for drinking beer out ."

85. A: "I never buy new cars."
      B: "Why not?"
      A: "Because older cars cost much than new ones."

86. A: "If people on the ship seen him, he would have drowned."

87. A: "What was your childhood like?"
      : "I remember very happy as a teenager."

88. A: "How did you get on?"
      B: "Very well, thanks. But if it been for Alan, I would have failed."
      A: "Why? What did he do?"

89. A: "When will my meal be ready?"
      B: "It will be ready the time you get home."

90. A: "Let's go to the cinema."
      : "I won't go you come with me."
     A: "OK - I'll come."

91. A: "Did you really mean that?"
      B: "No, I was only pulling your ."

92. A: "Look at the time!"
      B: "Right - we had go home."

93. A: "What was Arthur like?"
      B: "Well - He would make personal telephone calls, no who was
          in the room with him."

94. A: "What shall we do this weekend?"
      B: "If you'd fix the car, we could go for a drive."

95. A: "Why are you going to the Napa Valley?"
      B: "To see the wine made. And to taste it!"
      A: "Yes - they make excellent wine there."

96. A: "What was it like, coming from Edinburgh by bus?"
     B: "Not bad. But it longer than I had expected."

97. A: "I just saw Anne a minute ago."
      B: "What? Still here? Then she have gone on holiday."

98. A: "I didn't know it was this serious."
      B: "Well, little anyone else realize the seriousness of the situation."

99. A: "What is the answer?"
      : "I really don't know - I'm my brains."

100. A: "What did she say about your singing?"
        B: "She said it was unusual, was not what I wanted her to say."