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International internship-2017
International internship-2017 for SASM undergraduates was a great success this past summer. Irina Novichkova, a junior student, shares her impressions about the ''Watch & Learn'' internship she participated in. More >>

COMMENCEMENT    September 14, 2017
The Baikal International Business School (BIBS) held a special event at the beginning of a new academic year. All freshmen received their IDs, the BIBS graduates were awarded with the academic degrees and diplomas (MS program, BS (American) program, presidential program, MBA program). The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) was represented by Dr. Anna Seferyan, collegial professor, vice dean, chair of Business and Management Department of the Graduate School.
Special guest: Cover group InHit

EDUCATION    September 14, 2017
Anna V. Seferian, Ph.D.
Freshman and sophomore SASM students met with Dr. Anna Seferian, Vice-Dean, Business and Management Department, the Graduate School of the University of Maryland University College. She told the students about the University, its programs and opportunities for American degree holders.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT    September 12, 2017
American Program
BIBS ISU Director Alexander I. Semyonov and Dr. Anna Seferyan who oversees the American program met to discuss the future of the American program, new trends in education, and face-to-face teaching of selected disciplines by the UMUC professors. Dr. Seferian, a collegiate professor at UMUC, Vice-Dean who chairs the department of Business and Management of the Graduate School.

TEAM-BUILDING training for MS students    September 9, 2017
By tradition, a team-building event was held for SASM's MS students. It took place in the precincts of the ISU Botanical garden. The participants did quests and tackled team-building challenges.

TEAM-BUILDING ACTIVITIES for freshmen    September 2, 2017
Team-building is an annual event for the first-year students. This year SASM graduates and MS students organized quests, dreamed up funny contests and outdoor activities for the freshmen with an idea of getting to know each other and involving them in the corporate culture of SASM.

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIP-2018    September 1, 2017
Available are the placements for SASM's BS and MS students to do internships in:
1. Australia (Melbourne) - 1
2. Australia (Sydney) - 2
3. Canada (Sidney-by-the Sea) - 1
4. Canada (Toronto) - 3
5. New Zealand - 1
6. USA (Texas, Alaska, Washington State)

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