Full-time and distance learning MS program for international students in English

Global Management. Applied Finance

The program is designed for BS graduates of management-related schools willing to expand their knowledge: for BS students in other fields planning to obtain new knowledge and competences; for practicing specialists striving for new competences.

The curriculum provides core and specialty disciplines, depending on the previous educational background, in order to secure comprehensive managerial training and help master relevant financial skills:

  • Strategic aspects of the theory of organization and organizational behavior
  • Financial business infrastructure
  • International financial management
  • Modern strategy analysis
  • Techniques of management research
  • Appraisal of investment projects and businesses
  • Management of IT business architecture
  • Project management: strategic and applied aspects
  • Strategic management: global and corporate aspects
  • International financial tools
  • Managerial economics: global and corporate aspects
  • Systematic thinking and managerial decision-making skills
  • Business environment: political challenges
  • Business design and entrepreneurship
  • Market pricing
  • Managerial accounting and budgeting
  • Financial analysis and modelling of financial risks
  • Strategy and HR management tools
  • Behavioral finance
  • Strategic marketing and marketing communications

  • Instruction format: full-time
    Duration: 2 years
    Tuition fee: 154,558 rubles per academic year
    Instruction format: distance/extra-mural
    Duration: 2,5 years
    Tuition fee: 54,236 rubles per year